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Live wallpapers 4K wallpapers is a free app that has more many fantastic of HD Live wallpapers and backgrounds for Android devices. If you have Smartphone then you need to set favourite wallpapers on your smartphone desktop. This is the most powerful and effective app for all Smartphone Users whith awesome 4K HD Wallpapers. In this article you will get Interesting and exclusive information about one of the most powerful live wallpapers app. If you want to install this app then you need to get important information about this fabulous app.
In this article you can get all necessary information about fantastic Live wallpapers for Android devices.

Features of Live wallpapers APK

Live Wallpapers and statics 4K wallpapers:

This professional app offers more many live backgrounds as well as AMOLED live wallpapers.
This app also offers static 4K as well as Full HD backgrounds which can be used in Auto wallpapers changer. And this app also offers AMOLED wallpapers for all users.

Auto wallpapers Changer

This app has two types of wallpapers Changer.
1. Auto live wallpapers Changer: Auto live wallpapers Changer is used to change live wallpapers after certain period or action.
2. Static wallpapers Changer: static wallpapers Changer is used to change static wallpapers after certain period or action.
Time Frame:
– You can can set time fram for both wallpapers Changer in their settings.

Double Tap to change wallpapers:

This feature of app is available for both wallpapers Changer. This feature allows you to change wallpapers on your home screen after double tapping.

Blur image

You can set blur image in static wallpapers Changer. Set blur intensity in static wallpapers Changer.

Change wallpapers when Device Screen is Locked:

This interesting features is also available for both wallpapers Changer. When user lock the device Background will be automatically changed.

Auto Download Wallpapers

This feature can be download live wallpapers automatically for your smartphone.

Save & Download

You can choose 4K as well as Full HD various images to save on your smartphone. And user can’t Download live wallpapers to their smartphones.


This app has more than 30+ categories of live wallpapers & backgrounds in static.
Backgrounds may includ wallpapers such as:

– Birds, Abstract, Anim, Animals, animated, AMOLED, Art, celebrities, Fantasy, Aircrafts, Airplanes, Bokeh, Black, Video Games, Cars, Motorcycle, Supercars, Superbikes, Nature, space, Galaxy ( Planets, Sun, Earth, Moon, Galaxies, Black Holes) Architecture, City, Minimalist, Watercrafts, Ship, Moveable, Motion Loop, 3D, Parallax, Dark, Holographic, Endless zoom, Music, Macro, Hi – Tech, Ocean, Universe, Sea, Flowers, Material Design, Food, Drinks, Photography, Rainy Day, Snow, Texture, Lake, Underwater, Sunsets and sunrises, Sand, Forest, Trees, Women, Men, Boys, Girls, Technology, Sports, Holiday and Musical instruments.


Fantastic wallpapers for Android devices

Fantastic wallpapers for Android devices

Fantastic wallpapers for Android devices


This was the important information about wallpapers, in this app you can get all type of wallpapers and backgrounds.
Without wallpapers your smartphone may not looking good.
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