How to lose weight with step Counter?

Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter APK

Hey guys; Are you want to know about your daily steps? Are you want know how to lose weight with step Counter app? Today once again I have found one outstanding app for your smartphone.
I hope you will enjoy this attractive app on your smartphone.

This is one of the most powerful apps for smartphones users. Don’t waste your time let’s Install this app on your smartphone for countering your daily steps. So this Daily step Counter is completely free for you to use on your smartphone.

It’s very easy to use; pedometer and calorie counter will help you to Lose weight.
If you want to enjoy this app, then you need to get all the important information about this app. For getting more information about this read this post to end. Because we are sharing all necessary information in this post about Daily step Counter app.

This app is very easy to use; Just tap the start button, your step counting will be started automatically. Although your phone is in your hand, bag or pocket your steps will be recorded automatically even your screen is Locked.

No Locked Features

Step Counter app has more features for users and it’s all free to use without having to pay for them. You may find more apps on the play store for step counting, but this interesting app is completely free you.


Sign-in is not required; don’t worry about your data. Because this app will never collect your data or share your information with third parties.

Start, Pause and Reset

Start counting your step by clicking the start button, You can also pause step counting at any time to save power. And also you can reset the daily step count to start counting step from zero.

Report Graphs

Attractive report Graphs are designed by professional designers for mobile devices to help you in collecting your walking data. thesethis graphs, you can check last 24 hour’s, weekly and monthly statistics and data.

Colourful Themes

Outstanding Colorful themes are available for you to enjoy your step counting with this attractive step Counter app.


1. For step counting you need to input your correct information in settings. Because it is used to calculate your walking distance and data.
2. If you want to make pedometer count steps more accurately, you need to adjust Sensitivity.
3. Step counting is not available for older version when the screen is Locked.

Weight Loss

Are you searching for weight lose app? Don’t worry this is the most powerful app for you. Step Counter app will help you to lose weight. As well as you know all people wish to have good health and want to lose weight, Just try this app you will see the result very soon.

Walking App

This app is not only used for step counting, but this is also a walk planner app for you. Just use this app and make a walking plane daily. The pedometer for walking is the best choice for you to install on your smartphone.

How to get?

For installing this attractive pedometer and step Counter; Just Go to play store and search Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter app on the search bar.
You will be easily able to find the latest version of pedometer and step Counter, click on the install button to install this app on your smartphone.


How to lose weight with step Counter?

How to lose weight with step Counter?



How to lose weight with step Counter?

How to lose weight with step Counter?



In the world million people doing exercises daily; and walking steps for good health. Some people may need to know about their daily walking steps. This app will help you to know about your daily steps because this app will count your daily step and show you with attractive paragraphs.
Step Counter and Pedometer app maybe persuade you to walk more and more for your health.
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