Top Attractive Gallery Vault For Android

Do you need for Awesome Gallery Vault?  If you need for attractive Gallery Vault for Android than These apps are for you.

You can use all these applications for free; don’t skip this article, because you can get all necessary information about these impressive Gallery Vault.
These attractive Gallery Vault are available for Android devices.
It’s very easy to use no need for tutorials.

No 1: Clock – The vault: Secret photo video Loker

The smartest way to hide your private photos, Videos, files and Lock apps Secretly.
Clock app is the most professional app for privacy protection to keep safe & easily hide your private photos, videos & other files that you don’t want to see others on your device.
You must have app for protecting your privacy.

Fabulous Features of Clock Vault

Hide pictures:

easily hide your private photos from Gallery by using this app.

Hide Videos:

If you have private videos on your device and you don’t want to see others on your device; you can easily hide by this exclusive app.

Strong Applock

Lock Your messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email or any other app you choose for locking. You can also Lock Bluetooth & WiFi.


You can use fingerprint to unlock your secret clock by using fingerprint.

Icon Hide/Replace

You can replace your clock Icon with other Icons like: Vault calculator, wether, music calculator lock, etc.

Themes App Lock

Choose different type of AppLock themes to decorate your lock screen.

Awesome Features of Clock Vault

Management system: easily edit, rename, move, create folder and etc.

• Set backup pattern lock for your app lock by using this app.

Important: Before uninstalling this app you must restore your personal Files, otherwise it will be lost forever.


Top Attractive Gallery Vault For Android

Top Attractive Gallery Vault For Android

Top Attractive Gallery Vault For Android


No 2: Super Vault – Hide Private Photos & Videos

Super vault is important and necessary app for privacy protection.
If you want keep your data Safe, and protect your privacy than must try this app in your smartphone.
Secure your personal photos and videos by locking them with pin protection, fingerprint Authentication, and advanced encryption is also available for All users.
When you are using this app then you don’t need to worry; when you giving your device to friends and family members.
This app provides the best place to keep safe your private data.

With Super Vault You can Protect

• You can protect your Private videos, photos; when you are hide your Personal Data; Only can be seen by yourself or your couple; If you Hide Your Data.
– Protect your family photos by super Vault
° Protect your special memories by Super Vault
• Protect your personal documents by super Vault
~ Protect driver license, ID Cards, Credit Cards
• Protect any other important files or documents

Features of Super Vault

1. Hide photos, videos, documents, family photos, I’d card and any other types of files.
2. All the hiden files are encrypted and protected with pin & fingerprint.
3. Amazing Thems are available in this app for you.


Top Attractive Gallery Vault For Android

Top Attractive Gallery Vault For Android

Top Attractive Gallery Vault For Android

No 3: Privacy Vault – Hide Photos and video Locker

This is another important and necessary App for privacy protection. If you are worry for your personal data then use this app for protection. It has fabulous features all you can use for free.

Applock Fingerprint

Use Your fingerprint to unlock your secret time vault & applock Fingerprint.
By using this app you can lock apps with one tap like messenger, Gallery, browser, Facebook, contact, email, and settings.

Features of Privacy Vault

1. Important your favourite photos, videos, files and other documents to privacy vault to keep your data Safe.
2. Video player is available inside vault to play your video.
3. You can use slideshow option also in this app.

This is the most professional and powerful gallery Vault for All Android devices.
If you want to protect your privacy and personal Data then must try this app on your Android smartphone.

How to get?

If you want to install these applications, just Go to play store and Search for Clock Vault, Super Vault, Privacy Vault in the search bar you will easily find these applications on the play store.


Top Attractive Gallery Vault For Android

Top Attractive Gallery Vault For Android

Top Attractive Gallery Vault For Android


If you are use mobile phone; you may need to protect your Data such as: privat photos, videos, documents and any other types of files. This is the best way to try one of these applications, because these applications are the most professional apps for all users.
And it will be keep your data very well.
When you are use on of these applications than you don’t to worry for your personal data.

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