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One of the biggest app for all Indians Nation. If you’re from India or particularly from Madhya Pradesh state. then it’s Important for you to know concerning the newest android utility. which is developed by the native authorities for all landowners from MP.

You maybe have your personal land in Madhya Pradesh District; if you have land in Madhya Pradesh destrict. then you need to download and install this latest model of the “MP Kisan App” for android smartphones and tablets.

The main purpose of this app is to digitalized all land information of different provinces and states. This is the best Android app for all this who have land on the Madhya Pradesh district. This app will help them to get all information about their own land.

This Program can be a part of digital India during which the India officials are making an attempt to transform all.

As you know that it’s a part of the digital India; and the federal government if India is making an attempt to digitalise all land information to Cooperated with the native authorities. That why they have launched this app for all Android and iOS Users within the MP district.

This app is not helps only farmer to get Thier land file on-line but this app additionally help in more many issues like farm info, measles, khatori, and maps.
You will get notifications for all news updates when you registered on this app.

This app may helps all farmers to grow all crops of Thier seasons to get extra output.
Additionally they will get recommendations from skilled about completely different crops. And this will assist them to extend Thier manufacturing.

When you install or download this app on your smartphone, you may need to entry all land information.

About Mp Kisan App

Using this app will helps all farmers and landowners to advertise themselves the crops grown on Thier land. Once the landowners submits all the information in this app as a part of self-declaration, he or she will not be able to change the information. All farmers can make self-declaration till the date which is listed in table. after this period framers will no longer be able to submit self-declaration.

This app version may assis individual to save lots of their money and also time which they need to pay in land commissioner.

How to download and registered to Mp Kisan app?

For installing this app Just go to the end of the post to download this latest version.

So just click on the download button at the end of the article and simply pill.

When you install the app then just create account in this and simple wait for activation.


Mp Kisan app

Mp Kisan app
Key Features of Mp Kisan App

This is the newest app for all Android users and farmers which are living in Madhya Pradesh district of India.

You can easily register all of your land information by this app.

And you can also get a duplicate all of your land information like khasra, khatoni, and map on-line by this app.

Get recommendations about various corps from authorities

All of your knowledge will be secure and safe you don’t to worry for this.

You can easily enter all of your knowledge at anyplace and anytime by this app.

How to change data or information in MP Kisan App?

All the farmer which are registered to Mp Kisan App can simply change their data and information which they have entered into their account.
So they will be able to change their information or data by merely submitting an utility with purpose to the tehsilder workplace.
You will get notifications for every change which you made on your account.


This app is developed by the authorities of India to make facilities for all farmers which are living in Madhya Pradesh destrict. So this app will helps all farmers to register their self in this app and to save all their land information with the government by this app.


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