Ahmed Wali Hotak defeats Reinaldo Barbosa

Ahmad Wali Hotak, the pride of the Afghans, wounded his Brazilian rival in the widow’s body. The match, which took place at the Ghazi Stadium in Kabul today, was extremely shocking.

With this victory, Hotak won the hearts of millions of Afghans. It is worth mentioning that some time ago, Hotak’s Brazilian rival Ahmed Wali Hotak called himself a child against himself.

Today, four consecutive matches were played at the Ghazi Stadium in Kabul, during which the Pakistani free fighter lost to his Iranian rival.

The best match of the tournament was played between Ahmed Wali Hotak and Leonardo Barbosa. In the second round of the match, Ahmed Wali Hotak defeated his Brazilian rival by widows.

Ahmad Wali Hotak was stabbed by unknown individuals in Kabul two years ago, the first contest since then.

Hotak had promised before the match that he would beat his Brazilian rival.

Ahmed wali Hotak told that this is the big achievement for all Afghan people and especially for him. Hotak is one of the best free fighter for Afghanistan and he played to 22 match in his Career.

We hope that Hotak will be bring more many achievements for Afghanistan and also for himself.

Free fight is one of the dangerous play which has more dangerous. If you want to play free fight in some cases you may agree to died do to free fight.

In the yesterday match the love of Bazz Mohammad mobariz was commendable.

Congratulations to the entire Afghan nation on this victory

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