Top 3 Ways To Make Money Online!


Hello friends; welcome back to my site. In this short post I will show you the best 3 ways to make money online.
So this is the most important information for all those who wants to make money online.

Let’s follow Our Guide!

How to make money online?

In this short article I will share the best three ways for making money online which I have tested.

Make Money Online with YouTube!

Top 3 ways

YouTube is the biggest search engine in the world, millions people work on YouTube. And you can find million videos on YouTube.

Now the question is this how to make money online with YouTube?

If you want to make money with YouTube; then you need to complete the main 2 requirements for monetization. First you need to create YouTube channel and get 1000 subscribers and you also need to get 4000 hrs. watch time.
Then YouTube will give you monetization and run ads on your videos. After that when you complete all the requirements of YouTube, now you will be easily able to make money with YouTube. As you know now a day more many channels available in YouTube and all they are making money with YouTube.

Make Money Online with WordPress

Top 3 ways

The second best way for making money online is WordPress. If you want to make money online, so WordPress is the best way for making money online.

Now the question is this how to make money with WordPress?

WordPress is a company by which you can share all your content with your followers. So if you want to make money with WordPress for this you need to buy a domain name and hosting name. Just design your domain name and publish your own content. After this you must get approval from AdSense to make money with WordPress.

When you get approved from AdSense the you will be able to make money. Because AdSense will run ads on your site.

How to get approved from AdSense?

There are more many tips to get approved, but here I will share the main tips to get approved from AdSense.

1: publish more than 24 Articles on your blog
2: Your content must include more than 500+ words
3: Don’t copy content Just write by yourself
4: when you complete these steps then you need to apply for AdSense, and you may get reply in a few days from the google AdSense team.

Make Money with Facebook

Top 3 ways

You can also make money with Facebook which is not more hard. So now I am going to show you all mains tips which is more important for making money with Facebook.
If you want to make money with Facebook for this, you also need one WordPress site by which you can share all your content.
Just Publish up to 20 articles and then setup instant. You need to get approved from Facebook team to make money with Facebook.

The main requirements for Facebook approval!

1: Publish up to 20+ Articles which must include more than 500+ words.
2: You must have one Facebook page which should 90 days old, and must be eligible for Facebook instant article.
3: Your site must have more than 30000 traffics in the recent 10 days.
Facebook team will review your application if your site is doesn’t against the police your site may get approved.

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