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Configuring Fiiu APK is very easy but very effective in maintaining a smart alarm that accepts strange problems like toothbrushes, shoes, various objects and animals. The smile in the picture is just as important as solving puzzles like stress or mathematical equations, retrievals, and video games to block alarms.

Includes challenging Fiiu APK

Add challenges

This alarm clock comes with many challenges (like puzzles, games, photography, etc.) that give you tasks so that you turn off the alarm and not sleep.

You can also add different challenges to the alarm. Thus, when the alarm starts, if you try to turn it off, the alarm will be set to random challenge. This way, you won’t get tired of the same challenge that you always see.

Image challenge

Using machine learning and other insomnia tools, this app learned to select the best list of items and it will prepare you before setting the alarm without having to take a picture of a pre-defined item, object or animal.

For example, do you always forget to drink water? Add a challenge to this snap when the brain’s image is stimulated. When it starts, stop and drink the water.

Smile Challenge

Really big and big smile and taking selfies so easy. If you don’t show all of your teeth on the camera, the alarm will never go off. A joke book has been suggested for this challenge.

Memory Game

The classic memory games you play on the flash website. Arrange the cards by the number of cards you want. When the alarm goes off, make pairs on the card so that you know all the pairs. Reset alarm.

Equation Challenge

If you get upset quickly, imagine waking up early to solve a math problem. Fortunately, that is the case. Choose from a lot of math problems when the alarm goes off and clear your mind when trying to find the right number.

Sequence game

Sort this puzzle by writing the bits on screen so that they are highlighted. Don’t worry if you don’t remember early, the alarm can repeat the command you want more often.


Fiiu ApkFiiu Apk

Fiiu Apk


Stop napping until you really have to think about challenges, or shorten the length of the nap because you don’t have time to relax.


When you’re awake, don’t you want to shut down the phone madly? No I am not, so you have the option to turn off the alarm and only listen to the beautiful ringtone.


Choose between your favorite downloaded music or your phone’s ringtone to adjust the volume for accessing and playing it.

Wake up Cool

The volume increases gradually until the sound you set activates the specified pattern.


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