Instant Articles Requirements


Hey guys, in this short article I will share the most important information about instant Articles. so lets follow this article to get all important information about instant articles.

If you want to make money from Facebook for this, you need to know about all the requirements of Facebook instant article. In this short article I will show you all the important requirements of Facebook instant article.

So don’t skip the post and just read it to the end.

How to create instant Article

Instant Articles

First of all, you need to create instant Article, now the question is this how to create instant article?

Step 1: Sign up

The first thing which you need to do, is sign up to join the program so just click on the to sign up to the program.

Step 2: Choose your Facebook page

after signing up you will need to choose the page for instant Articles.

Step 3: Claim your URL

Once you selected the page then you will be asked to provide your site URL which you intend to use for instant articles. This URL will serve as the basis for the URLs of all Your posts.

To claim your URL, you need to tag a meta to your HTML’s <head> tag and then add the URL to your settings.

Step 4: Create Articles

After doing all these steps you need to create articles, Facebook discovered that all publishers want single tool to publish articles to the web or any other places readers will see their content. And article will be published automatically from content management system. And you don’t need to re-create article within Facebook.


RSS feed

Instant Articles

If you aren’t using WordPress or another CMS supported by Facebook publishing tools. then you can also connect your content to Facebook through RSS feed which is more important for all users.



This will allow you to Create, publish, update and delete instant articles from your content management system.


Step 5: Customize styling

Instant Articles

During instant articles setup, Facebook will give you option to customize the styling of your articles. Here you can select fonts and also you can upload logo.

Step 6: Submit for review

After when you have completed all these steps, then you can submit your feed to be reviewed by Facebook to verify that all your articles generated from your website are properly formatted.

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