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About ICE Man 3D APK

Ice Man 3D Apk – This is an informal arcade game where you can probably feel like a hero because you already have. Inside the game, you will have two gloves that allow you to manage the ice and taste. Use these skills to fight for skills and bring justice!

At each stage, you will see a scene of panic, where you are attacked by several armed opponents, fortunately, carrying you to injure you with sticks and various objects. Try to turn them into ice cubes as soon as possible by hitting them with a freeze beam. And when it’s all frozen, fire a firecracker at the ice sculpture to smash them into small things.


ICE Man 3D ApkICE Man 3D ApkICE Man 3D Apk

Standing in one place, the game is easy to manage, you only aim at opponents. For the provided range, you will receive gold cash to be spent on improving your skills and purchasing new gloves. Compete with all the dangerous guys, while remaining completely unaware!

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