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Bluezone Apk is an application from BKAV (BKAV Joint Stock Company) that uses Bluetooth location technology and has been using it since April. This is an application that can notify users when they are in contact with infected people. COVID-19. Smartphones installed through the Bluezone app can communicate with each other at a distance of 2 meters and record when and for how long. This helps reduce the risk of outbreaks in society and helps people return to normal life.

The more people who manage a blog, the more effective they become. Cholera is becoming increasingly stressful and unpredictable, so it is important to treat inflammation today. It is also an initiative the Ministry of Health is proposing to prevent people from installing Covey 19.

About Bluezone Apk

The information must be encrypted in the BlueZone Apk Application ID code that you can use to share and record your contact history. Specifically, Blu-ray IDs are changed every 15 minutes to ensure identification and protection against trafficking. Therefore, 2 people are considered as contacts, for whom the blues are scheduled for 15 minutes in the near future.

If someone is suffering from a disease or is suspected of having Quid-19 disease, they will use blue. Your identification system will be sent. Bluezone Apps quickly analyzes and compares a person’s contact history. An alert is sent immediately when someone is infected. And if you don’t see any warnings, you can be sure that the people you contact aren’t sick of Covid-19.

Best of all, this application does not upload any data to the server, so your privacy is guaranteed.

In short, blues are used to record close relationships. This is done through Bluetooth connectivity between the surrounding user devices. Therefore, the application does not use location access, so you can have full confidence in the privacy of your personal information.

Simple, transparent

Almost all jobs are shown on the home page of the application. The blouse electric mask has two main options, with two main shades of white and blue. Close scanning can tell if there is any suspicion or suspicion of Covid 19 in your area. You can record people in the contact history (the Blueson application is installed) from the people you are contacting.


Bluezone ApkBluezone ApkBluezone ApkBluezone Apk

For the Bluetooth app to work properly, Bluetooth must always be enabled on your phone. However, this electric mask uses Bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology. Thanks to the latest technology, when you use it all day, it uses around 10%. So, you can have full confidence and use.

So you have a question: What do I do if the Blue Zone app is not installed on infected people? If they don’t use the blue zone, how will they identify data that is closely related to them? The answer is that in some cases the victims do not use electric masks. If they enable Bluetooth, they can also record contacts with infected people.

User guide

Once downloaded, the Bluetooth app will ask you to allow Bluetooth. Of course, if you want to connect with Blues, you have to turn it on.

All information about the location of the F0 case (direct contact with patients) is constantly updated by the Blue Zone community. If someone in your area (less than 2 meters) uses Belzon, the app will automatically identify those users and add them to the contact list. You should also send a notification to the blue zone so that the application you are contacting is a new case of covid 19 infection, the application will be sent to you immediately.

How can I install Bluezone Apk on my Android phone?

For installing this app Go to the end of the post and click on the download button at the end of the post. <span;>Before installing on your phone, you need to make sure that third party apps are allowed on your device.

<span;>The possible steps to make this possible are the same as below. Open Menu> Settings> Security> and check for unknown sources so your phone can install applications from sources other than the Google Play Store.



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