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Create exciting animated videos on your Android phone with powerful app. How pretty I Am or pretty Scale Apk is a free mobile application that allows you to create funny animations from your AI camera.

In this article, I will take a look at how pretty I am in the application that AI Technology offers to create short clips. There are many interesting images that you can use to create your own version.

In addition, the app offers a number of free and premium functions. You can use it all if you install it on your smartphone and tablet.

What is How Pretty Am I App?

How pretty Am I app is a powerful and amazing app for all Android phones. that lets you take photos to create short animations. You can add your own voice or set the default setting. But when you buy a premium, more interesting  features come back for you. However, there is no fee mode app for Android.

Therefore, you need to use the free version of the application. But there are so many types it’s hard to say. I used all the work and made a lot of videos. So there are many page filters, video effects, popular images and much more that you can use in your content.

Not only that, but the best thing about the app is that it lets you record your voice. It also includes real-time language switching and limited voice recording. As you know, most of these applications allow only a limited amount of time to record sound. But you don’t have to worry about that here.

Also, you can create the famous Hollywood video Putin or take your own photos and turn them into animations. Read the lips for a moment and record the correct sound for it. This allows you to create more accurate and precise animations. So you don’t need professionalism there.

There are also premium effects. If you want to create more interesting content, you need to add it. You need a premium account. However, the app is free to download and try out your phone. You can add free payment options and try out the premium features for free.


Pretty Scale Apk Pretty Scale Apk

Pretty Scale Apk

How Pretty Am I App Features

Here are some interesting features you may not have seen in the High Parties MI app. But now I will share with you all the basic and important features of the app. So if you are really interested in what is in the app, then you should read the following features.

This is a free 3D animated app for Android phones.

There you will find all the important video filters and effects.

To apply You can find many amazing masks.

This allows you to use the voice exchange functionality in real time.

• Here you have the option to record the speech permanently.

Social You can create content through social media applications and share it with your friends.

Save animated 3D videos.

How pretty am I app that offers a simple and user-friendly interface.

You can also take pictures of celebrities and premium celebrities for free.


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