You tube Biru For android Frew download

What is youtube Biru Apk?

YouTube biru Apk will be your best choice as there are already billions of user base on the main platform that helps in advertising. The duration of the video is also 15 and the rest of the content is the same.

Development are constantly working to make things better for users. We are currently working to add more songs to the library. Liberal currently has more than 100,000 songs and developers are working with artists to add their albums and music to the list.

You tube Biru beta can currently be used as a built- in feature in the official facial application. According to the developers, they will soon launch a separate application for ease of use the application has been officially launched in india, as the ticket ban is permanent there so try to convert users to their platform.

YouTube Biru India is bringing its fans back to YouTube and now they have the opportunity to become popular again. Users can make movies like in the past, it has all the features that are being checked. It has all the filters, transitions, effects, labels and more. Both front and rear cameras can be used to record video.


The center is currently only available in India and is in the testing phase. After observing the progress of the facility, the company will be launched in other countries as well. Most of you know that the United States is banning tickets as well, and you will love their operating system.

We say the company is trying to get a job or just steal. The company will soon launch a separate app that will be available to users around the world.

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You tube biru Apk feature.

You should know that YouTube is not a legal or official app, so there are risks or disadvantages to using this app. However, compared to the official version of the YouTube app, the features of this blue YouTube APK have many advantages. For more information, please listen to the details of each job below.

Blue theme (you tube blue Apk)

The charm of this YouTube office is in the feel and feel of the app. To date, thousands of people have downloaded the latest version of YouTube. If you are tired of YouTube b with h, definitely using YouTube Blue APK is the solution. You will definitely feel more relaxed with interesting colors

Premium unblocked

Another reason for the app’s popularity is that the YouTube Bureau app has been updated to make it easier for loyal YouTube users. The availability of a premium version with active premium B features makes it easy for you to enjoy a variety of videos without having to subscribe to the YouTube app.


No Ads

Another advantage of this blue YouTube app is that you do not need to place ads on every video you watch. Of course, content creators do not agree with this. However, if you are someone who likes to watch movies on YouTube without buying a lot of ads and sometimes gets very angry, this is the Blue YouTube APK solution.

Multiple tabs

If you’re still using the free version of YouTube, you can’t use the multi-tab function on YouTube. If you receive a message and then the Messages app opens, your YouTube app will not be used automatically. Obviously, this will not happen when using the Blue YouTube APK. In addition, you can open many more apps with other applications without leaving the YouTube app.

Rotate background

Another feature of the Blue YouTube APK that you will not find when using the free version of YouTube is the ability to play YouTube videos that you can watch without having to keep them on Apple. You can enjoy YouTube songs when your phone is locked or unlocked. Please play your favorite music and the songs play in the background.

Download video watch (offline)

You can also find downloading or watching movies by default in the official YouTube app. However, sometimes there are some videos that cannot be downloaded. Some content creators sometimes knowingly deny download access to their videos. Although this video is downloadable, YouTube sometimes encounters errors or download problems. Exactly such things will annoy and frustrate many YouTube users. Due to some of these issues, many users have finally started using the Blue YouTube APK. In addition to being very interesting, the program is also very reliable for video downloads.

HD quality

Although this is an unofficial type of app, the videos you can watch with YouTube Blue are still in HD quality. Please enjoy the best quality videos from this app. However, to enjoy the best quality videos, you will definitely need more room. The higher the quality of the video you watch, the more internet data it will capture.


Like the original version of YouTube, YouTube Blue allows you to enjoy a variety of content from around the world with this subtitle function. This subtitle feature helps you understand every video you watch.


In addition to multi-tab functionality, this program has only minimal functionality. This feature allows you to open other applications when playing YouTube videos.


You tube Biru APK mode features

  • Free download and use
  • Collect effects
  • Fast service
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports multiple languages
  • There are no third party ads
  • Easy to use
  • much more

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