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Fork Player is the best browser for viewing online multimedia content. Support the most suitable source for use on a smart TV or set-top box.

Fork Player is a modern content application that combines the functionality of a player and browser to search for movies, videos and music. The correct and practical search function allows you to simultaneously search for TV series, movies, music and streaming media programs in multiple sources, and the content is played in the application itself. This player is specially designed for smart TV or mobile devices, but you need to install the optional remote fork software to run stably on the TV.

What is ForkPlayer Apk?

This application is used to display the content of FXML websites. You don’t even need a mouse or touch screen to interact with the content of similar sites. It is enough to control the operation of the keyboard and page navigation.

This makes Fork Player APK very suitable for use on Smart TVs. You can use the search to find the video you want, and the latest version of the program has pre-installed shortcuts. Of course, you can create your own shortcuts and place them on the app’s home screen.

Screenshots & Images

Fork playerFork player

The well-organized app can search and run everything from different sites and resources. Users can watch movies, TV shows, music videos, and videos on various topics. Extensive functionality makes it easy to find the desired movie, and you can watch simple programs from TV stations on a few pages. A unique way to interact with social networks that facilitates suggesting friends or groups.

The home page of the player provides a list of links for quick access, click to get the most interesting page or file. Other pages are called up by entering the address in the navigation bar. You can customize the appearance, color palette, and location of some shortcuts or menu items to your linking.

ForkPlayer Apk Features:

Convenient and quick search available in this App

Save the search query easily

The task of creating a shortcut for quick access to the desired content

Can be used on Android TV and set-top box

User-friendly interface in Russian

Customize the app’s home screen

Displays the date, time, and weather on the home screen

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