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AnTuTu Benchmark APk released for Android users free of charge: Fees are really important. You can download this lightweight app from Play Store. The AnTuTu Benchmark app enables you to track real scores on your phone. Scores are more than just numbers. You can create individual scores and see general performance ratings. The system captures the actual operation I / O (input output) and you can test this application directly on your 3D graphics, your RAM and your processor.

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As mentioned earlier, it measures different points on specific parts of your phone. UX or “user experience” is the first to be introduced. AnTuTu Benchmark APK is a decision based on a real user experience that gives you a complete display tool. The UX list will split guests into two sections with more functions and settings.

Mobile phones and tablets have entered the quad house era. The whole system becomes more and more complex. The difference in score can be due to various factors.

When we need to verify the performance of a device, we need to test that device. If we do not have this tool, it will appear as “Unverified”. Please contact your manufacturer to convert your device to “Certified”.

About AnTuTu Benchmark Apk

We select the most demonstrable scores of the tool, usually the average scores, and then compare them with others. The devices in the ranking are selected according to their popularity and the various desired categories in the respective country / region. Due to quantitative classification limitations, we cannot list all devices.

AnTuTu Benchmark Apk is not affiliated with any manufacturer or chip supplier.

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AnTuTu believes that a poor performance tool is actually a weak tool, although good performance tools can have other problems. If there is a problem with the application in the future, it is possible to fix it. However, if it is associated with poor performance, there is no way to fix it.

It is difficult to answer questions about accuracy. Only customers can guess. The method is very simple: if the benchmark of a new device is more than 50% of the launched devices of the same series in the market at the same time, the result is doubtful.

To determine general and individual hardware evaluations, make decisions based on a hardware performance evaluation. If you upload scores and display your device in a global ranking, scores will help you determine the hardware performance of the device.

Antutu Benchmark is the world’s most popular benchmark app for Android smartphones and tablets!

  • Consumers approximately 1 billion
  • Benchmarks used during the Google I / O 2014 application

1, used by industry benchmark programs, and by leading companies and websites for hardware technology studies.

Click and navigate to all aspects of the tested device, including Suite UX, GPU, RAM, CPU, I / O, and Suite Test. Each item is categorized and categorized individually. These values ​​can be uploaded to the Intuit database and then used to search your device across all other Android devices.

Screenshots and images.

Benchmark APK

Benchmark APK

But sometimes not everyone has an app to promote their product, which many companies use to work better in some benchmark apps. Even if most people are new, don’t forget to decide when to shop. In short, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Anthony Benchmark for Android.

AnTuTu Benchmark Apk Features
  • Antutu benchmark UX, GPU, RAM, CPU, I / O, and many more aspects of the device.
  • Assign a score to each piece of hardware.
  • Check your GPU performance and see the correct 3D test configuration.
  • See more information on the Antutu page on this CPU full description including GPU, display, RAM, phone software, and more.
  • Compare your device with other devices in the Antutu database.
  • Intuitive assembly with ease of use. Just try restarting your device’s benchmarking button.
  • Introducing a new view of the volcano test to the Terracotta Warriors.
  • All samples were updated in memory test.
  • The Benchmark Results page contains display hardware details. / Your hardware can now view the details of this benchmark results page.
  • My device contains information about the CPU architecture page.
  • Fully supports Android Q.
  • Fixed some incorrect display of camera parameters on multi-camera devices.
  • Further improvements and improvements.


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